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about us

we believe good ingredients make great products


The ingredients we use are carefully selected to provide consumers with the best possible product at an accessible price. We focus on using natural and sustainable ingredients.

We're proud to select ingredients that have an impact, whether this is supporting New Zealand beekeepers or the women-focused impact work that our Fijian partner farm, Ranadi Organics, leads in the South Pacific.


New Zealand

Born in New Zealand, Red Shoots has a global portfolio of innovative and disruptive FMCG brands.

All Red Shoots brands are proudly made in Aotearoa. 


We believe good ingredients make great products.

Our dynamic brands are made from premium natural ingredients with 'no nasties' and 'no fillers'.​


Red Shoots is proudly woman co-owned and women-led.

We support the woman-focused impact work that our partner farm, Ranadi Organics, leads in Fiji and the South Pacific.

our partnership with ranadi organics

Red Shoots are proud to be partnered with Ranadi Organics who grow the USDA-certified turmeric and ginger that goes into our Red Shoots brands.

Located in Fiji, Ranadi is a multi-award-winning organic farm that is certified by USDA, JAS, ACO, IFOAM and is a global G.A.P. award winner.

Their women-focused impact work provides employment, training, and a career path for women in organic agriculture in Fiji. Lead by their incredible CEO, Tupou (pictured), Ranadi is farmed by over 75% women.

Utilising sustainable farming methods and world-class systems, we can trace every ingredient we use from Ranadi right down to the very field they were planted in.

We're proud that every Red Shoots product made from Ranadi ingredients helps support the great work they do in the South Pacific.

Tupou, farm manager at the Ranadi Planta
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